Building Microservices With Core


Clean Code

byRobert C. Martin

Design It!

byMichael Keeling

Design Patterns Explained

byAlan ShallowayJames Trott

Domain Modeling Made Functional

byScott Wlaschin

Eloquent JavaScript, 3rd Edition

byMarijn Haverbeke

Enterprise Integration Patterns

byGregor HohpeBobby Woolf

Exploring CQRS and Event Sourcing

byDominic BettsJulian DominguezGrigori MelnikFernando SimonazziMani Subramanian

Flow Architectures

byJames Urquhart

How Google Tests Software

byJames A. WhittakerJason ArbonJeff Carollo

Lean UX

byJeff GothelfJosh Seiden

Machine Learning Design Patterns

byValliappa LakshmananSara RobinsonMichael Munn

Patterns, Principles, and Practices of Domain-Driven Design

byScott MillettNick Tune

Software Estimation

bySteve McConnell

The Essence of Software Engineering

byVolker GruhnRüdiger Striemer

The Passionate Programmer

byChad Fowler

The Self-Taught Programmer

byCory Althoff

The User Experience Team of One

byLeah Buley

XUnit Test Patterns

byGerard Meszaros

A Philosophy of Software Design

byJohn Ousterhout

Agile Conversations

byDouglas SquirrelJeffrey Fredrick

AI and Machine Learning for Coders

byLaurence Moroney


byMatthew D. Groves

ASP.NET Core 5 and Angular - Fourth Edition

byValerio de Sanctis

AWS for Solutions Architects


AWS Security

byDylan Shields

Become an Awesome Software Architect

byAnatoly Volkhover

Code That Fits in Your Head

byMark Seemann

Container Security

byLiz Rice

Continuous Architecture in Practice

byMurat ErderPierre PureurEóin Woods

Dependency Injection in .NET

byMark Seemann

Docker in Action

byJeff Nickoloff

Domain Storytelling

byStefan HoferHenning Schwentner

. NET Core in Action

byDustin Metzgar

Docker in Practice

byIan MiellAidan Hobson Sayers

DSLs in Action

byDebasish Ghosh

Get Programming with F#

byIsaac Abraham

GraphQL in Action

bySamer Buna

Hello World!

byWarren SandeCarter Sande

Infrastructure as Code

byKief Morris

Machine Learning Bookcamp

byAlexey Grigorev

Machine Learning Engineering in Action

byBen Wilson

Machine Learning Engineering

byAndriy Burkov

Managing the Unmanageable

byMickey W. MantleRon Lichty

Metaprogramming in .NET

byKevin HazzardJason Bock

Microservices in .net Core

byChristian Horsdal

PowerShell in Depth

byDon JonesRichard SiddawayJeffrey Hicks

Programming the Microsoft Bot Framework

byJoe Mayo

Real-World Functional Programming

byTomas PetricekJon Skeet

Righting Software

byJuval Lowy

Rx.NET in Action

byTamir Dresher

Serverless Architectures on AWS, Second Edition

byPeter SbarskiYan CuiAjay Nair

Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja

byJohn ResigBear Bibeault

SOA Patterns

byArnon Rotem-Gal-Oz

Succeeding with Agile

byMike Cohn

The Art of Business Value

byMark Schwartz

The Art of Leadership

byMichael Lopp

The Art of Unit Testing

byRoy Osherove

The Hundred-page Machine Learning Book

byAndriy Burkov

The Manager's Path

byCamille Fournier

The Systems Thinker - Mental Models

byAlbert Rutherford

User Story Mapping

byJeff PattonPeter Economy

Writing High-Performance .Net Code

byBen Watson

Machine Learning with TensorFlow, Second Edition

byMattmann A. Chris

Machine Learning for Business

byDoug HudgeonRichard Nichol