Docker in Practice

2019-01-28byIan MiellAidan Hobson Sayers
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Summary Docker in Practice, Second Edition presents over 100 practical techniques, hand-picked to help you get the most out of Docker. Following a Problem/Solution/Discussion format, you'll walk through specific examples that you can use immediately, and you'll get expert guidance on techniques that you can apply to a whole range of scenarios. Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats from Manning Publications. About the Technology Docker's simple idea-wrapping an application and its dependencies into a single deployable container-created a buzz in the software industry. Now, containers are essential to enterprise infrastructure, and Docker is the undisputed industry standard. So what do you do after you've mastered the basics? To really streamline your applications and transform your dev process, you need relevant examples and experts who can walk you through them. You need this book. About the Book Docker in Practice, Second Edition teaches you rock-solid, tested Docker techniques, such as replacing VMs, enabling microservices architecture, efficient network modeling, offline productivity, and establishing a container-driven continuous delivery process. Following a cookbook-style problem/solution format, you'll explore real-world use cases and learn how to apply the lessons to your own dev projects. What's inside Continuous integration and delivery The Kubernetes orchestration tool Streamlining your cloud workflow Docker in swarm mode Emerging best practices and techniques About the Reader Written for developers and engineers using Docker in production. About the Author Ian Miell and Aidan Hobson Sayers are seasoned infrastructure architects working in the UK. Together, they used Docker to transform DevOps at one of the UK's largest gaming companies. Table of Contents PART 1 - DOCKER FUNDAMENTALS Discovering Docker Understanding Docker: Inside the engine room PART 2 - DOCKER AND DEVELOPMENT Using Docker as a lightweight virtual machine Building images Running containers Day-to-day Docker Configuration management: Getting your house in order PART 3 - DOCKER AND DEVOPS Continuous integration: Speeding up your development pipeline Continuous delivery: A perfect fit for Docker principles Network simulation: Realistic environment testing without the pain PART 4 - ORCHESTRATION FROM A SINGLE MACHINE TO THE CLOUD A primer on container orchestration The data center as an OS with Docker Docker platforms PART 5 - DOCKER IN PRODUCTION Docker and security Plain sailing: Running Docker in production Docker in production: Dealing with challenges